Hybrid Energy and Tine presented together the energy system and results at the ATMOsphere Europe 2021 on the 28 of October

Below are key messages that were taken from our speakers on this first day:


“We had a big goal for this new plant – we wanted to reduce the energy by 40% but after two years running, we can say that we not only met, but went beyond the goal and ended up reducing the energy by 53%. We are very excited about seeing how this solution can reduce our energy in different plants.” Kim André Lovas, Energy Specialist, TINE Dairy


“When I look at this picture, I really do not see why we would have a problem using natural refrigerants in terms of energy efficiency and costs.” Collin Bootsveld, Project Engineer, Colruyt Group


“There is no technical barrier to replace currently used synthetical fluorine containing refrigerants with natural working fluids. It is more about seeing the possibilities than the ghosts when selecting the optimal refrigerant for the project or a product.” Armin Hafner, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Refrigeration Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


“We can’t deny it any longer – climate change is becoming a reality. And although I’m an optimist, I would say that this is really a call to action. We can’t hide from this; it is coming to our doorstep…” David Schalenbourg, Director ACM (Architecture, Construction & Maintenance), Delhaize