Hybrid Energy High temperature heat pumps

Satisfied customers have achieved significant savings in economy, substantial recovery of energy and an improved environmental profile through Green changes

Hybrid Energy AS provides high-end Hybrid Heat Pumps based on their unique patented technology. The Hybrid Heat Pumps reduce carbon footprint and operating costs through higher efficiency



The patented Hybrid Energy heat pump technology uses a 100 % natural and environmentally friendly Working fluid containing a Water/Ammonia mixture. The Global Warming Potential (GWP) and Ozon Depletion Potential (ODP) are equal to zero. Temperatures up to 120 0C are achieved with exceptional high Coefficients of Performance (COP’s) using the high temperature glides on hot and cold sides.


Market Segments

The Hybrid Heat Pump is perfect when there is high temperature waste heat available and a temperature need between 80°C to 120°C. Food industry, drying processes, biogas processes, chemical plants are good examples. The large district heating grids have several opportunities for using the Hybrid Heat pump reducing their carbon footprint. The district heating market is expected to grow considerably in the next years.



Hybrids Energy have since 2004 delivered a double-digit number of Hybrid Heat Pump installations. The overall operational hours are more than 550.000 for the proven technology. Successful installations are in Dairies, Slaughterhouses, Biogas upgrading plants, Industrial Process plants, Fish Food production plants and for District heating.