Aftersales and Service

Our aftermarket team is serving installations and operational staff throughout the life cycle of a hybrid heat pump

This is done in cooperation with clients, where we contribute with service, spare part knowledge, training and know-how.

We stock spare parts for all out clients. We can also identify critical components and compose spare part packages, increasing operational safety. As a supplier we have excellent knowledge of the heat pump installation and provide effective spare part handling.

Hybrid Energy AS provides service on behalf of customers throughout Norway

Our most important assignments include:

–  Operation of installations

–  Modifications of existing installations

–  Planned maintenance

–  Overhaul of compressors and emergency assignments

We follow our clients all the way, from tender phase to service assignments.

For more information, please contact our service department:


Jan-Eric Herrstrøm

+47 45 40 70 13


Or our sales department:


Tor-Edmund Løkke

+47 92 40 35 17