Dairies is an excellent market segment for Hybrid High temperature heat pumps.


Most larger dairies have ammonia chillers for making cold glycol for cooling of milk, other products or space cooling. The ammonia chillers have waste heat in the condensers which have a temperature above the ambient temperature. Traditional dairies often utilize waste heat from the condensers to preheat tap water as feed water to the boilers. The heat demand of the dairies is covered with boilers producing steam or hot water which is distributed in the factory.


The most energy efficient and modern dairies recover the waste heat from the chillers to feed thermal waste energy into heat pumps at intermediate temperatures.

The heat which is not used at intermediate temperatures can be utilized in hybrid heat pumps and produce water at 95°C or up to 110°C.


For optimized operating time and energy recovery, thermal accumulation tanks are used at the different temperature levels in the factory. The thermal accumulation tanks equalize quick fluctuations in the cooling and heating demands.