Skretting Stokmarknes, Norway

Skretting is the world leading producer of feed for the aquaculture industry. They produce fish and shrimp feed for a range of species. In 2013 they installed a two-stage hybrid heat pump in their factory at Stokmarknes, Norway. The Hybrid Heat Pump recovers heat from exhaust air and uses it to pre heat drying air and other processes. By introducing a Hybrid Heat Pump, the factory in Stokmarknes reduces their overall energy consumption by 20%.

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Arla Arinco, Denmark

Each year Arla’s dry milk plant in Videbæk uses tremendous amounts of energy in their production. In 2012 they installed a Hybrid Heat Pump of 1,200 kW, recovering waste heat from the evaporation process used to heat up process air.

Instead of cooling the evaporator with water from cooling towers, the excess heat from the cooling process is used to pre heat air to the driers. With a repayment period of 20 months, the Hybrid Heat Pump yields annual energy savings of 4.6 GWh and an annual CO2-reduction of 1,400 metric tons.

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