The HyePAC is a single stage Hybrid Heat Pump, each unit delivering max. 2MW. It use a heat source at temperatures up to 90°C and can deliver up to 110°C.


The HyePAC uses the latest in reciprocating SABROE compressor technology, and top of the line components from quality suppliers like Alfa Laval, Grundfos, Danfoss, Siemens etc.

Typical applications are:


–  Slaughterhouses (washing, sterilization)

–  Regular dairy processes (washing, pasteurization, CIP)

–  Bio gas upgrading

–  Any process requiring moderate temperature boost

Performance data:


Source Temperature Range: up to 90°C

Output Temperature Range: up to 110°C

Output Effect Range:  500 – 2000kW

COP Range: 5 – 8